2020 Election Fraud

Call your Governor’s office and report anything you’ve seen that looks suspicious.

Short videos of ballot fraud:

https://discarded.def.us Just throw them out!
https://marked.def.us Just mark blank ones, stamp received!
https://election.def.us A Republican had Dominion in 2000 .. did it too!
https://accept.def.us Schumer wants Reps to just accept it smoothly.
https://burned.def.us Caution: one F-expletive near beginning. Burn ’em!
https://nevada.aa5.net Free Gas Card to Vote in Nevada!
DropRoll.aa5.net The Big Cheat – summary

If you want the “long link” version with the “name” of the original video, just right click the actual video and choose “copy video location” or “copy video address” depending on your browser.

THE LONG LINK goes straight to the video and starts playing.

You can also use a short link like bitly.com or tinyurl.com if you’d like.

Contact: admin@aa5.net